Do you know what a ghost candidate is? Here we explain it in detail

Where does the term “ghost candidate” come from?

The world of workforce hiring nowadays is quite complex, and we know you’re well aware of it. However, within that sea of elements, one issue is affecting companies: “ghost candidates.” It’s a term used to describe the disappearance of a person in a relationship, where they cut off all contact and communication.

What does the term “ghost candidate” refer to?

In the case of the “ghosting in the workplace” phenomenon, which occurs in business processes and hiring of human talent, we are talking about individuals who are potentially suitable for a position but abandon the hiring process without notice. In some cases, they have even accepted the job offer and then disappear without providing any explanations.

The truth is that, in addition to facing the challenging situation of recruiting and selecting personnel, corporations must now deal with the act of “ghosting” in the workplace.

More and more candidates suddenly cut off all communication with their potential employers.

The number of people who browse job sites, go through interviews, and then vanish is increasing, posing a problem for companies.

As an informational note from some labor experts, the motivations behind this attitude of silence and disappearance may include:

1) Due to digital media and globalization, potential candidates send out numerous resumes to different companies. They may not even know the names of the recipients in the company or Human Resources department. When contacted, they simply do not respond.

2) In other cases, the applicant may have negative references about the potential employer. They might do online research, talk to employees, or visit the organization, among other strategies.

3) Sometimes, candidates go through the entire selection process and interview, but the selection process is very slow. By the time they are contacted by the organization, they have already found a position in another company and ignore the previous job offer.

4) There are also cases where the employee is hired and starts working at the company. However, after a few days, factors related to the work environment, excessive responsibilities, or other unsatisfactory situations prompt them to leave without prior notice. They consider that they have not invested much time in that job and simply disappear instead of formally resigning.

5) If the candidate perceives that the offered salary and benefits are not up to their expectations, they may choose to leave without giving reasons.

6) Sometimes, the lack of rapport with the interviewer or HR staff makes the employee decide not to join the company.

7) If a candidate perceives the job responsibilities to be too complex or too basic, they may become a “ghost candidate.”

8) The lack of clear information causes confusion for those seeking employment at a company. Just notifying them about the status of their application shows that they are being considered. Otherwise, there is a risk of them deserting and disappearing.

Take appropriate measures to avoid labor ghosting

It is a reality that the dynamics of these times are fast-paced and ever-changing. Therefore, organizations must take precautions in the area of labor, an important factor in production and service systems. If you are affected by labor ghosting, we recommend that you take precautions to improve your recruitment and selection processes.

Here are some ideas to mitigate the effects of ghost candidates:

Establish clear expectations throughout the selection process and in the execution of job duties. This includes setting clear timelines, communication methods, and anything that can alleviate the anxiety of potential workers.

Provide constructive feedback for candidates to reaffirm their strengths and identify areas for improvement, all while being respectful and understanding.

Offer transparency, as it is another strategy that yields excellent results in the eyes of potential candidates for your organization. It’s essential that they understand the selection process and know what to expect.

Delegate for success: An excellent strategy in the world of human talent

However, an effective solution is to delegate the responsibility of staffing to specialized staffing agencies. This way, you can focus on other matters without the headache of trying to find the right candidates for your company.

The key to making this decision is that you will be entrusting the task of finding the right workforce elements to the right people. Such a decision can significantly improve the work performance in your company.

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