Finding your next hire is a straightforward process with JH Staffing Solutions. We are a logistics recruitment agency that has been matching skilled job seekers with great employment opportunities in the GTA for nearly 10 years. We have a database of licensed and qualified transportation personnel who are experienced in safely transporting passengers or goods safely.

Transportation staff are an essential service that keeps businesses running. Don’t take your chances with a bad hire, trust our logistics staffing agency to handle your recruiting for you. We conduct background checks and screen each candidate thoroughly.

Below are some of the transportation positions we recruit:

  • Drivers
  • Shippers
  • Delivery Staff
  • City & Route Dispatchers

Our Process How Transport Recruitment Works

We are a logistics recruitment agency that protects the interests of both hiring companies and job seekers. Our recruitment process begins with job seekers filling out an application either online or at our offices. Following a review, we add the candidate to our database until the right job opportunity arises. 

For companies seeking transportation staff, we discuss details about the position during an initial conversation and schedule a second meeting, preferably in person, to talk about rates and other specifics. Then we interview candidates and forward the top resumes to you. You make your selection and operations will finalize the contract and proceed with the hiring process.

Drive Results Transport Recruitment Solutions We Provide

Our logistics recruitment agency is here to help hiring companies and top talent find each other. We eliminate the painstaking task of searching for a good fit for employers and job seekers. As a logistics staffing agency with a solid reputation, our recruitment solutions can be trusted. We provide 24/7 support for questions or concerns that need immediate attention.

We have WSIB coverage and offer after-service care to both employers and job seekers. Our warranty gives assurance to employers that if the person we supply does not work out for some reason or another, we have back up talent to fill the void.

Are You a Job Seeker?

Finding the right employer that provides a working environment that you can thrive in can be difficult. You can count on JH Staffing Solutions to find the best opportunity for you. Before we present an offer to you, we vet the employer to ensure that the working conditions match your skill set. We’re a logistics recruitment agency that can further strengthen your existing skills through training (if required). This will equip you with in-demand skills that will help you to excel in your new position. We’re here to serve your needs and offer flexibility in scheduling so you can find the right fit for you.

24/7 Support

Sometimes issues come up that may interfere with the working relationship between employer or employee. Whenever questions or concerns arise, our support team is available to address them.

Fair and Equal Opportunities

Job seekers can always count on JH Staffing Solutions for fair and equal opportunities. We exercise diligence in ensuring that the compensation rates are fair based on your qualifications and experience.


Our job agency cares about your success. We provide additional training to enhance your skills as a transportation and freight forwarding worker. This way, you can confidently perform the skills required by your employer.

Accessible Application Process

We make it convenient for you to apply. You can do so either online or at our office. Simply indicate the type of job you’re looking for and submit your application.

Achieve More with JH Staffing Solutions

JH Staffing Solutions has successfully matched professionals and skilled transportation workers to employers for years. Make finding a new hire or job opportunity easier by reaching out to our logistics recruitment agency today!