Summertime is a very busy season for event hosting, and finding reliable event staff can be challenging. Even when you plan well, same-day cancellations and no-shows can be a headache. JH Staffing Solutions is a top event staffing agency in Toronto that helps companies hosting events find dependable people who can fill in at the last minute and show up prepared to work.

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We take away the hassle of recruitment so you can plan your event without stressing about staffing vacancies. 

Some of our available event staff positions:

  • Servers
  • Cook Helpers
  • Banquet Assistants
  • Dishwashers
  • Host/Hostess
  • Washroom Attendants
  • DJs

The Process How Event Staffing Recruitment Works

Hosting a successful event means having reliable and trained event staff to perform the various tasks that make the event comfortable and enjoyable for your guests. The challenge that many companies face when hosting events is last-minute staffing changes. Sometimes people call in sick, or worse, just don’t show up when you need them. This can put a strain on event planners, guests, and the remaining event staff that do show up for work. JH Staffing Solutions has a plan to meet your emergency event staffing needs.

We recruit job seekers who are trained and experienced in event staffing. Their application undergoes a review process so we can assess their skillset and experience. Following approval, we add them to our database and match them with the right opportunities.

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Best Fit Recruitment Solutions We Provide

When you choose JH Staffing Solutions as your recruitment agency, you can be sure that we will find professional event staff you can count on. 

We are a recruitment agency that can facilitate same-day requests made on the morning of an evening event. The events we provide event staff for include weddings, corporate events, conferences, parties, and other celebrations. 

Unfortunately, sometimes event companies end up having to rely on people who are not trained in events to help them during an event staffing crisis. Not with JH Staffing Solutions. We can help you pull off a successful event by providing event staff who are experienced and trained for your particular event type.

Are You a Job Seeker?

Finding work in event staffing is easier with JH Staffing Solutions. Based on your experience, we’re able to match you with event opportunities in the GTA within a few days of your application. We often get same-day staffing requests that you can fill in for if you have extra availability. Our staffing agency finds the work for you so you can put your skills to work. We provide:

24/7 Support

When you run into any issues, you can turn to our 24/7 support team for assistance.

Fair & Equal Opportunities

Our hiring agency practices fairness and equality during the recruitment and hiring phases. We are rooting for your success and guarantee fairness at every stage of the recruitment and matching process.


If additional training is needed for a specific task, we’ll give you the necessary training so you can show up competently and help make the event a success.

Accessible Application Process

We’ve made it so easy to apply for an event staff job. To get started, you just need to fill out your application form either through our office or online.

Achieve More with JH Staffing Solutions

JH Staffing Solutions is the link that connects employers with skilled event staff. We are the event staffing agency that looks out for both employers and employees. Get in touch with us to get started on finding the best match for your needs.