JH Staffing Solutions specializes in hiring light industrial staffing, matching companies to light industrial workers in the GTA. Our employment agency, which has been in the recruitment industry for nearly 10 years, will handle the necessary vetting process for you. We pair industrial companies with trained and dependable staff.

light industrial staffing

If you are a job seeker, our role is to find suitable light industrial jobs in your field. So whether you are hiring or looking for a job, we are the staffing agency you can rely on.

We specialize in filling light industrial jobs with skilled labour including, but not limited to: 

  • Packagers
  • Pallet Maker
  • Receivers
  • Order Pickers
  • Forklift Operators
  • Material Handlers And Lumpers
  • General Labourers

The Process How Recruitment Works

We provide skilled workers who have the qualifications and licenses for various light industrial jobs. Our recruitment process is thorough and allows us to identify top talent for employers seeking qualified and reliable light industrial staffing. With JH Staffing Solutions, you’re more likely to find staff to fit your company’s long-term needs.

Job seekers begin the process by applying online or at our office. We review their qualifications, and once candidates pass our review process, they are added to our database and await matching.

light industrial jobs
Light Industrial Staffing Solutions

Get Results Recruitment Solutions We Provide 

We know the challenges that employers face in the light industry. Unreliable staff that doesn’t show up creates headaches and can set back your production goals. Constantly having to replace light industrial staffing takes your focus away from business operations and is a nightmare for human resources. With JH Staffing Solutions, dependable staff is a given. We are here to meet your short-term and long-term staffing needs.

Our workers will show up when you need them. If the position requires a license, we guarantee that the candidate we provide will have the appropriate qualifications. Choosing to work with our job agency sets your company up for success.

Are You a Job Seeker?

If you are looking for a reputable industrial company that can use your skills, we are the work agency to join to make that connection for you. We’ll match you quickly with light industrial jobs in need of your skillset, and if all goes well with the employer, your chances for long-term opportunities are favourable. JH Staffing Solutions provides:

24/7 Support

Our support team is always available to assist. As employers and staff work together, questions or concerns may come up. We are prepared to handle any issue whenever it arises.

Fair & Equal Opportunities

We value fairness and equality. While our vetting process is thorough, we prioritize equality in the recruitment process. We also give our staff fair opportunities to be hired.


We are an employment agency that helps you enhance your skills through training so that you can perform well on the jobs you’re matched with.

Accessible Application Process

Our application process is simple. You can access the application either at our office or online. You can find the relevant category for the job you’re applying for and fill out the form.

Achieve More with JH Staffing Solutions

JH Staffing Solutions is the bridge between the best employers and employees. We do this by matching reputable employers and lighting industrial staff through our vetting process. Take your first step to find qualified light industrial staff by getting in touch with our team.