JH Staffing Solutions is a cleaning agency that serves as a link between job seekers and employers in the GTA. We recruit and train cleaning staff so that you can depend on a reliable team to get the job done right. Our job seekers can also trust our process to screen job opportunities.

Having been in the recruitment field for nearly 10 years, we have established ourselves as a reputable job agency. So whether you are seeking a cleaning position or looking to hire cleaning staff, we are here to help.

The cleaning positions we have available are the following:

  • Sanitation Staff
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Post Construction
  • Cleaning
  • Janitorial
  • Large Surfaces
  • Condominiums
  • High Rise Building Cleaning

Our Process How Cleaning Staff Recruitment Works

One of the hurdles that large commercial properties face when recruiting is cleaners who are not specifically trained for warehouse cleaning or industrial cleaning. JH Staffing Solutions solves this problem for you by providing specialty cleaning services for warehouses, industrial, or other commercial properties. 

Cleaners for hire begin by submitting an application form either online or at our offices. Then we review their applications and add them to a database where they’ll wait to be matched to a job.

Get Results Recruitment Solutions We Provide

Commercial spaces adhere to strict cleaning regulations to keep the workplace safe. A revolving door of cleaning teams can create inconsistencies in cleaning standards and procedures, which can be quite problematic for you as a commercial business. You need a reliable team of cleaners you can count on to do the job well every time. 

JH Staffing Solutions recruits cleaning professionals who are experienced in specialized cleaning and sanitation. From proper waste disposal to construction clean-up jobs, we’ll get you the cleaning staff to meet your needs, and that can include cleaning hazardous areas. And if you’re happy with the cleaning team we provide, you can continue to work with them long-term.

Are You a Job Seeker?

Looking for a reputable place to work as a cleaning staff can be challenging. Instead of just rolling the dice to find a suitable place, entrust the process to our cleaning agency. We provide:

24/7 Support

If you run into any issues or need a question answered, you can simply contact our support team. They are available 24/7 to help both you and your employer.

Fair & Equal Opportunities

During both the recruitment and the hiring out phases, we seek to be a cleaning agency that practices fairness and equality. Our thoroughness is not at odds with these values.


You do not need to worry about showing up unprepared for a cleaning job. We are a cleaning agency that trains you so that you are competent enough to meet the job requirements.

Accessible Application Process

Never has it been easier to apply for a job. Our application process is simple and accessible. You can fill out your application form either through our office or online.

Achieve More with JH Staffing Solutions

Trust us at JH Staffing Solutions to be the cleaning agency that is in your corner when it comes to ensuring the reliability, safety, and satisfaction of both employers and employees. Contact us to find your match!