Do you know what are the current labor trends and their impact on the economy?

Has your way of working or generating work changed?

The world is changing at an accelerated pace and human beings are constantly facing new challenges. In the workplace, this reality is no different. There are several factors that come into play, such as digital technology and a specific threat such as COVID 19, which change the face of work. However, there are more aspects to review to get a closer look at what the future holds for us in the recruitment arena.

A model that has been emerging, the hybrid that changes what we knew as traditional 

 Nowadays, we are starting to talk about a modality that is growing and that evidences a trend. Hybrid work, which is identified with a labor model that manages to combine digital with traditional work. Of course, this does not have a place in jobs that require face-to-face labor due to its characteristics. However, executing some activities remotely is an option that takes shape in the plane of those tasks that do not require people acting as manual ones.

Some defining characteristics of hybrid work are:

  • It bases its action on information technology to manage its activities. With a difference to teleworking that the equipment and the network are provided by the company in charge of designing and assigning the tasks to be performed.
  • Its structure is complementary: this type of work is complemented by combining traditional work with it. This modality should allow the employee to complete what he/she has been doing. The idea is that he/she should work at the workplace and continue remotely to achieve the objectives set.
  • Because of its specific characteristics, hybrid work requires special management: This is to overcome some of the limitations that arise in this practice. Among what must be taken into account is the maintenance of systems such as data, equipment, and information network. As well as, trained personnel in charge of managing this hybrid work.
  • It has proven disadvantages: companies must allocate resources for operating expenses such as technological development and tools. In addition to, internet service, electricity, computers among many others that may arise. It is also a fact that it does not always improve efficiency and requires more monitoring.  

Another aspect is the training you need for your employees. 

The trends that are marking this stage in global work point to some changes driven by what some experts call hyperconnectivity. Where information runs by the ton in the networks and fills the scene. Today we tell you how you can visualize the transformation that is being generated:

-Attitude changes: 

A behavioral transformation is growing among people who work in the different areas of economic life. The feeling of having everything at the click of a button is taking shape and is present in every area of the hiring world. Therefore, companies and service providers need to keep up with this trend that is already a reality.

-Connecting with technological innovations:

It has been shown that companies that are constantly updated in the area of technology are much more attractive to job seekers. This is because there is a good percentage of the population that is connected to information from their computers and devices. For that reason, what we recommend is if you are not updated, you should do it for the sake of your human talent structure.

-What the new generations want at work:

 There is a stratum that is around 25 to 35 years of age that is changing what they are looking for in their positions in companies. In addition to being well remunerated, they want an emotional salary that satisfies them. This includes planning new work dynamics, taking into account remote work, automation and horizontal organization charts. These new masses of the workforce are known as Millennials by many.

-The Globalization effect:

The so-called global village, which speaks of everything being connected in the world, is a reality that is imposing itself. Some say we are becoming more like one society. This circumstance is reflected in the expansion movements of employers around the globe and if you want to stay ahead of the trends you need to take globalization into account when dealing with the staffing aspect of your activities.

-Green economy:

 There are two aspects that are gaining traction in the workplace that you need to be at the top of the trends. These are the green economy and the incorporation of diversity in the workplace. In the case of actions focused on environmental conservation, companies need to adapt their strategies to join these times where climate change and other evils have increased concern for environmental issues.

-Taking diversity into account:

This movement towards inclusion is gaining ground, which makes professionals and part of the workforce maintain their preferences towards companies and businesses that are in line with some values of equity and diversity. This puts a greater emphasis on the insertion of people without barriers of any kind.

Apply effective staffing strategies and lower turnover rate based on current trends

In the world of work and recruitment, it is necessary to pay attention to what is happening around you. Therefore, to reduce turnover and keep productivity high, take into account the trends that mark these times.  If you need a company that can serve you with a first class workforce, contact us at e-mail: You can also contact us by landline: +1 9052069878. Also whatsapp or for calls +1 6478234444.

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