Hiring temporary staff, the solution to your needs

There are certain periods of the year when customer demand increases, and your standard staff may not be able to meet all the needs of your business. These periods of time when demand for your product or service increases and more staff is needed to perform the tasks of a company efficiently and effectively are called peak seasons.

Peak seasons are very positive for your company as your productivity and profits increase, but they are also very demanding and can sometimes be chaotic without the right help and planning.

If your staff is not sufficient to meet market demand during this peak season, the best strategy you can opt for is to hire temporary staff.

Temporary staff is a type of worker with specific characteristics for each case, who you can add to your staff to perform certain specific functions and in this way provide support to your company for a specified period of time, for weeks or months. This type of staff is ideal for those seasons when you need an extra hand to maintain your productive processes.

What you need to know to hire temporary staff for your company

To hire a temporary worker, you must take into account their profile, which details the characteristics and skills they must have to perform the position or role you want to assign them, as you will not have enough time to train them. It is better that they already have experience in similar jobs that have required those skills and characteristics.

You should also bear in mind that this person must adapt to your company, know its values, work pace and types of customers so that the processes are maintained in a harmonious manner. It is also very important that there is a good adaptation with your work team, which leads us to the next point.

If possible, do not leave the hiring of this type of personnel until the last moment, as it would be ideal for you to give them a few days to train with respect to what we have already mentioned, to know your values as a company, the way things are done, to understand their function and to know your staff, in this way you can avoid problems at the time when you really need everything to go well. The ideal would be to do it at least a week before the season.

Temporary workers, although they are not with us all year, must also be hired according to the law, establishing a contract in which the estimated duration of the work, the time in which they will perform their functions, the hours they must work and the amount that will be paid for their benefits are declared, the way in which they will be paid and the periodicity with which they will receive that payment.

How to hire temporary staff

To start the recruitment process, you must advertise the vacancy everywhere, you can do it using websites that serve to manage job offers, you can also use your personal and company social networks. Another very successful way is to ask your current staff if they know anyone for the vacancy or even review your own database of previous workers, both temporary and permanent, who you think may be able to help you during the season.

Hiring temporary staff for these dates is usually stressful and requires a lot of time, effort and even money, so it is a great responsibility that should not be taken lightly, as the productivity of your company, the harmony of your processes and the cohesion of your work team are at stake.

Fortunately, there are companies that can take all this process in their hands and do it for you, so that you can rest from that responsibility and focus on your activities with the confidence that you are delegating in good hands, of course, as long as this company complies with the appropriate procedures for the ideal selection of staff.

Some of the advantages of hiring a company for the incorporation of temporary workers is the time and effort saving, since these companies have a database of qualified people for each type of job, who have already been interviewed and selected, so they are ready to start working

Staffing companies generally take care of payment management and administrative procedures, so it is another responsibility that you do not have to worry about during such demanding times as these seasons.

Put the hiring of temporary staff in the hands of experts

We are experts in the process of recruiting staff and have the best professionals in each area ready to help you with your needs and cover those gaps or holes in your organization to boost your productivity, especially in times of high demand. However, if a temporary worker proves to be valuable for your organization, they can occupy the permanent position once you have evaluated whether they fit in with your company and staff.

At JH Staffing Solutions we are here to serve you, we have human resources in every labor area and in any economic sector, you can consult with us whatever your need and we will surely find a solution. Here is our email: info@jhstaffing.com as well as our telephone line: +1 9052069878. Contact us!

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