10 signs that you are an excellent worker and how to keep improving

The eternal problem ofhow I am doing my job

It is often necessary to be aware of what is happening in the work environment and what is going on in your own life. Therefore, as a boss or as an employee, knowing our weaknesses and strengths is an important part. Have you ever wondered “how I am being evaluated in regards to my daily work?” That is a fairly common question that is often not clear. Since leaders do not always inform you of what you have been doing and how you carry it out. Or on the contrary, you are that boss and you are not sure of the efficiency of your subordinates.

Recommendations to have some idea of ​​how the work is going

Here we show you some clues of how your work is going and how you can detect the performance and feelings towards the work you supervise. It is not an exact formula, rather, they are studies that reveal details so that you can relate yourself with some of the signs. It is worth a note that can be taken as a recommendation: recognize in public and rebuke in private. This way you will avoid embarrassment and its consequences and you will raise the morale of the team.

Here is what you can take note of to have at least an idea of ​​what happens in your day to day at work:

  1. When you work without supervision and your immediate superiors seem to not pay attention. Most likely you are doing it right. Since, you have a good chance that they trust enough to not be so aware. Most bosses find it more practical to delegate to people they trust. Although the ideal is that they tell you, you can rest assured that you must be doing great or at least acceptable.
  2. It is relatively easy to lose confidence in what is being done in daily work. Therefore, the feeling of “not being good enough to be there” is often present. The strategy to get out of that feeling is to remember not to compare yourself to others and focus on your own potential. In addition to accepting yourself and being as authentic as possible, that’s what those who achieve goals constantly do.
  3. If you know how to organize your work and almost always define well what matters over what doesn’t, you have many chances of success at work. Also if you order your tasks by priorities so that the most urgent are resolved first. You have points in your favor as an employee. These organizational habits are a symptom of a good worker.
  4. Another feeling that comes from some limiting beliefs is the fear of being discovered as unable to carry out activities at work (in the most extreme cases it is called impostor syndrome), even if you have the potential and preparation, from time to time when that feeling hits you. Well, the best attitude is to get to know you and prepare yourself more on those issues where you feel insecure. Also be attentive to the positive results of your work.
  5. One way to know as a person or as a subordinate if you have potential as a good worker is when, despite how busy you are, you open space to continue learning. That shows an implicit capacity for progress. Likewise, you show responsibility and desire to be up-to-date. That is a sign of evolution and a good employee.
  1. Good workers overcome feelings of failure with ease. That can be described as digesting the setbacks and beginning to act so that they do not repeat themselves in the future. It is healthy to know that everyone has failed at some point and the response of the winners to that defeat is to turn the page and move on.
  2. Another indication that you are or are on the way to being an excellent worker is the fact of fulfilling what you promised. That gives you an aura of being reliable and very responsible. In addition to being efficient, you have the gift of consistency. Something that these days is not so common. That makes you someone who can be indispensable in a work project.
  3. Pay attention if those around you in your workplace constantly ask for your opinion. You are also the person who is asked for advice or you are the one who represents your colleagues in any activity. That is a clear indication that you are on the right path and that you are valued by your colleagues and your bosses. So don’t worry, they love you and respect you.
  4. If you started in that position with the tasks that are in the manual and little by little you were assigned more tasks, it is because they value your aptitudes. It is a sign that you are a person worthy of greater responsibility. For this reason, although it seems that they overload you with work, they are telling you with actions that they trust you.
  5. You are one of those who likes challenges, despite having to leave your “comfort zone”, for that reason they think of you when developing new ideas and projects. You are surely classified as creative and efficient when it comes to handling responsibilities beyond what you normally do.

The concept of efficiency at work is somewhat ambiguous.

Rather it has to do with the way the supervisor gives importance to each factor. However, there are some criteria that, because they are measurable, can be compared and assigned a value. An example of these are punctuality, attendance, the amount of work (only in some cases), among others. Therefore, good work performance can be seen from different points of view.

Rules at work prevent making decisions form emotions

At work, the emotional part of each person cannot be left aside. It tends to affect the work on some occasions. Especially when there are no clear rules, but decisions are made according to mood. For that reason, in workplaces, there must be clear rules. This prevents the feeling of injustice and everyone is governed by the same parameters of behavior. Ideally, everything is in writing as a kind of manual.

Choose peace of mind when hiring workers

It is clear that, to hire staff that does not become a simple headache, it is necessary to have good criteria. Therefore, if you have the idea of ​​​​delegating that task of getting productive and motivated employees here we are as a company to give you an answer. Contact us!

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