Simple Ways to Attract and Keep Talent Within a Company

A good human resource will always be one of the most valuable resources for a company, having employees that are dedicated to their work, that connect with your vision and values and bring new, fresh and rich ideas to help your business grow, is the golden ingredient for a company’s success recipe.

In today’s world the workforce interests have evolved, as we should always expect will keep happening. Knowing what employees want and expect from working at a certain company, will help you develop better strategies to reach and maintain new talent that help you pursue your business goals.

The current workforce doesn’t settle for what years ago they used to aspire to. Good salary, compensations, mortgage allowances and other monetary benefits, even when they make a great job offer, doesn’t quite make the cut compared to the new interests employees seek, they want more value. 

What to do to attract new talent to a company?

Besides offering a good and competitive salary, there are some things you need to keep in mind when looking for new talent.

A more balanced work/life relationship is one of the things you should aim to offer to this worker’s generation.

Also, the opportunity to be heard and make an impact in the company an employee works for, will give them the feeling of importance that human beings need by nature.

Here are 5 simple ways you can find and attract new talent within Canada

  1. Work on your company’s culture: as explained by Thomas Mullin, Director at Robert Walters UK, having the right company culture at work makes the difference when it comes to attracting new employees, this can be achieved by developing a more inclusive and diverse environment where individuals feel welcomed and celebrated is important to the modern workforce.
  2. Invest in career development: many young adults that are ready and eager to start working and building a career will be interested in how a company will support their own growth as they work to comply with and pursue the company’s goals. You should discuss development opportunities the company has in the recruitment process.
  3. Take advantage of the digital world and the tools it offers: by getting to know the perks of having a digital organization that allows you to manage some processes as equally effective as the traditional way, you can offer a wider range of opportunities to your workers, presenting alternatives such as a remote/hybrid/flexible work. This will enhance their experience and have a more balanced work/home relationship.
  4. Give your personnel a sense of importance: as we briefly said before, humans long to feel that what they do matters. In the job offer or interview, explain how their work will impact the overall functioning of the company and how he or she can make a difference and bring new ideas.
  5. Build a reputation: words travel fast. If you keep in mind some of this advice to develop a good work culture, offer flexibility, benefits and career progress, you’ll make other people want to work in your company, just by reading or listening to what your current or former workers have to say about your business. Encourage them to share their experience within the company.

If you have attracted good talent, don’t let it go

A way to excel at attracting good talent is knowing how to keep them within your company. Recognizing and celebrating your staff’s achievements will keep them happy knowing that they’re being noticed. Offering a good salary and benefits as seen in the market that allows them to have a good quality of life will make them feel satisfied with their work’s compensation.

Provide opportunities for career growth and offer flexible work options to those who need it. 

All of the above will help you not only attract but to keep good talent and take your company to higher levels of success and productivity, which will save you costs in the future, that may come from having to repeat recruitment and training processes over and over again to fill the job vacancies. 

Staffing Agencies a Simpler Way of Attracting Talent

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