Do you know what elastic thought is and how it can benefit you at work?

Elastic thinking and productivity and work

Much has been studied about the mind and thought processes over time.

From psychological theories and knowledge of human behavior to what has been investigated in the area of ​​labor and productive issues.

Today we will talk about elastic thinking and its benefits.

Personal and corporate growth from flexible thinking

Talking about elastic thinking in a company or in any field of human activities implies leaving the comfort zone. Since, it is a way of creativity and of getting out of some rigid mental schemes. If we take that to the labor aspect, we find a way to improve the performance of workers and open new doors to personal and corporate growth.

Overcome rigidity and let creativity in

Elastic thinking is related to non-rigidity. In other words, it comes from the fact that creativity, balance and other qualities such as assertiveness are necessary to achieve goals. It breaks with some inflexible mental structures that don’t open space for change and much-needed adaptation.

If you want your company, business or you as a person to become more successful and efficient, here we tell you how to start developing elastic thinking:

  1. Create an environment where creativity is valued. Give incentives to those who risk proposing innovative ideas. From recognitions to other benefits such as monetary ones.
  2. Put into practice dynamics within your work circle such as brainstorming, writing down ideas and solutions without discarding any and at the end taking the most suitable ones.
  3. Organize or attend training such as courses and workshops where creativity strategies and brain gymnastics are taught. Also other topics such as NLP development, Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and more.
  4. If you are a leader, promote plurality, it will bring union and synergy. The idea is that you maintain democratic leadership and apply elastic thinking. That will allow you to listen carefully and direct or lead without imposing.
  5. After creating an appropriate environment, assign tasks that challenge your workers. This is achieved by trusting your workers and being assertive when delegating responsibilities.
  6. Promote effective and affective communication. To build a low conflict work environment. You must be open to what your subordinates and superiors want to tell you.
  7. Imagine solutions out of the ordinary. Encourage creative ideas no matter how out of the ordinary they may seem.

Because it is a factor that can make a difference in resounding success and small victories, we tell you that in today’s world you have to be innovating, moving and creating. You know that, for this reason generating elastic thinking is so benefitial.

Here are other ways to encourage it:

-Never get used to getting used to it! What we tell you is that, always be attentive to innovate without fear. That attitude will make you more flexible and complete.

– Do new things even if they are simple. Example going to work by different routes than usual.

– Share with people other than your usual circle. Listen to them, and keep in mind what they tell you, it doesn’t matter if you agree or not. Just let your mind process that information. In the same way visit places that are new to you.

– Try foods that you have never dared or that you did not know. Go to places that you find unpleasant or unattractive to you.

-Give yourself the opportunity to daydream. Use your imagination to do whatever comes to your mind. Forget what you call reality and visit your inner world. Enjoy it.

– You have the power to carry out any strategy that generates brain plasticity, so put it into practice.

A first class tool: imagination to have greater efficiency in work processes

The plasticity of thought is related to developing the ability to solve situations using the imagination. Getting out of the ordinary and opening possibilities not established or applied before. Also be willing to try new things and take ideas that seem a bit far-fetched at times. This can be applied to the management of human talent.

Useful people at your disposal to provide you with a workforce with potential

Break with rigidity and implement work strategies that give you profitability and efficiency. You have significant potential among your workers. Exploit it for their benefit and your own. Incorporate the best people and put them to produce. We put at your disposal the ideal personnel for the position. Contact us by email: Like the landline: +1 9052069878. Also whatsapp and to call +1 6478234444

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