Simple tips from N.L.P to keep employees motivated

Productive activity, labor force and effective techniques

You know that maintaining a productive work environment is one of the challenges of all economic activity..

For this reason, it is always good to use proven techniques as added value to already established procedures, with the idea of ​​retaining the workforce and increasing productivity.

N.L.P and human behavior

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is made up of different aspects that explain how people function when faced with different stimuli that come from their environment. It explains in a practical way and shows the results of human behavior and how we filter the information that comes to us from abroad.

Your contribution to the consolidation of the work team

In the labor area, if you master the techniques, you can greatly improve communication by knowing the channels of such communication and putting into practice effective interpersonal relationships that will bring satisfaction to the people who work in that space.

Here we tell you some of the contributions that you can take advantage of from this valuable technique:

Human beings are grouped into 3 channels of representation and they develop one of them more than the rest. If we use this classification, we will better understand those who work with us and those who are part of our work team:

a) The visual ones who communicate through their vision and are the ones who prefer to see rather than hear or feel. These types of people are the ones who need to see to understand. they are generally quick to think and respond.

b) Auditory people who receive information better by listening. they are excellent at following verbal instructions and take a little longer to act, they can usually be analytical.

c) Kinesthetics are people who like to touch and feel before hearing or seeing. They develop rhythm and coordination. They are almost always emotional. they are very efficient when it comes to direct experiences where they participate and are very expressive.

Know the NLP and put it in your favor in regards to the labor area

There are more features to learn from this painstaking study of how humans filter information. However, we invite you to continue learning about this interesting work and rely on it to balance interpersonal relationships in your business. And do you already know what your dominant representation channel is? This science or art is quite extensive in its contents. However, it can be used in the workplace.

Visualization as a tool for the workplace

One of the most effective techniques is positive visualization. This explains that the brain does not know when something is real or created. This allows you, through relaxation and imagination, to improve people’s performance in different areas of their lives. Even overcome phobias and paralyzing fears.

Effective and fluid communication with this proven technique

As you already know, communication is one of the pillars of teamwork. Through NLP you can make it more effective and stimulating. With these techniques your vocabulary improves, as do your gestures and your posture in situations. What we advise you is to incorporate what NLP has in favor and achieve greater connection, as well as efficiency and motivation.

Here we tell you the contributions that you can receive from the N.L.P:

  • This is effective for resolving interpersonal and corporate conflicts.
  • Develop persuasion and marketing strategies.
  • Achieve fluency in negotiations at any level
  • IImprove affective bonds in the team.
  • Training of human talent.
  •  Any activity that requires clarity and fluidity in companies and businesses.

Take hold of what supports you and your team

Not only NLP but everything that researchers have discovered about the behavior and way of behaving in human beings can be used to apply techniques that improve the development of their workers. Now, if you need someone to support you with first-class personnel, here is our email: Like the landline: +1 9052069878.

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